*Not included in the price is a mandatory 20% service fee for each treatment. 100% of this service fee goes to the provider for their traveling time/ toll expenses and bringing the equipment to you. Gratuity to the provider is customary in addition, usually, 15-20% of the service, which can be paid directly to the provider (via cash, cash app, Venmo, Zelle) or to the company, and the provider will receive their full gratuity. To book an appointment, service must be prepaid in full with a /credit card. 

Some of the Techniques Offered in our Massage Services

All the services on this menu integrate at least one or more of the following techniques to customize the massage according to your needs and desired pressure.

  • Swedish

  • Deep Tissue/Sports Massage

  • Hot  Stone

  • Thai/ Tui’Na

  • Ashiatsu

  • Acupressure

  • Cupping*

  • Meditation

  • Sound Therapy*

  • Aromatherapy

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Covid-19 Safety Measures

In order to enhance your experience and safety, we suggest showering or a little sprucing up prior to the provider arriving to your location and right after receiving it. The provider will be taking the necessary precautions as well to keep you safe by cleaning all equipment between appointments and surface areas touched during the service, as well as wash their hands and elbows prior to and following treatment. Our providers will wear the mask and OWC does encourage temperature checks,  the wearing of gloves, and we do encourage you to provide your own sheets to increase your safety (however not mandatory) . Please advise us in advance of any additional special requirements you may have for us to enhance your safety and comfort experience with us from your location.   


We give a window of 90-120 minutes between sessions, where 30 minutes out of that transitional time is a grace period allotting our providers time to offer you tea, setup/take down equipment and have ample time to arrive to their next destination. We understand things happen, you maybe running a little late getting home and we try our best to accommodate your specific circumstance as a courtesy, however we will not make up the time lost if it runs to close to past our 30 minute grace period as there is usually another person’s session that immediately follows yours. In addition, we wouldn’t want to be unfair and inconvenience the next client that follows.

What happens if we, the provider, are late?

If that should happen (which should be a rare occurrence), we apologize sincerely and will compliment you an extra 30 minutes on your current session if we have the time to accommodate it that day, or you can choose to either schedule for a future complimentary 30 minute session or have it added to a future service of your choosing. If we end up having to reschedule your appointment due to our tardiness, the service appointment type originally planned is completely on us, free of charge and can be rescheduled to another date of your choosing.

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