Purchase this subscription along with your Gold Obsidian membership or any priced treatments you buy. Choose between weekly, or monthly autobilling to accumulate massage time as quick or as slow as you wish to keep you as consistent as possible on your self-care in the most cost effective way.

Obsidian Massage Minutes (Weekly)

Price Options
Massage Minutes
Earn 30 Minutes Every 3 Payments
$20.00weekly/ auto-renew
  • Every 3 payments equate to 30 minutes and every 6 payments equate to 1 hour. In as little as 6 weeks you can accumulate 1 hour of massage. Minutes can rollover, can be frozen and are transferable to up to 2 people outside of yourself.

    *Notes: for our 5-for -1 referral program, people you transfer minutes to will not be considered as referrals unless they have paid for a service of equal or higher value   

  • No refunds are allowable for this type of subscription.