Intuitively Integrated Wellness

that Comes to You

Obsidian Wellness Collective

We are a small mobile massage and wellness company near you.

Based in South Florida, we are focused on shifting the way people experience wellness by staying current and innovative in the modalities we integrate into our services, giving our clients tailored massage therapy treatments, wellness classes, and quality nutritional consultations, which result in optimal function and a visceral experience.

Serving Palm Beach, Broward and Miami Dade Counties


Enjoy the luxury of having a tailored massage from the comfort of your home.  It is a great way to zone out and recharge for a moment between business trips, business/work meetings, between competitions and performances for our athletes & artistic professionals, or after a long week with the kids for our parents, whatever your current lifestyle may be. 

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We offer specialized meditation & fitness taught by professional dancers with formal training background to individuals looking to lose weight, improve their posture, and gain a heightened understanding of their bodies applying corrective habits to their routine lifestyle. We offer workshops and partner with other wellness providers to connect you to the right practitioners. See more about our upcoming events!


We partner with caterers, nutritionists, and meal planners to give you a more balanced diet. What we fuel our bodies with affects our mental capacity and everything we do; from our workouts to our meditations, and especially the daily activities we do to support ourselves and those we care for.

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Our clients feel the difference

“My experience was exceptional. Anasthasia is very professional and I appreciated the fact that she questioned me about any injuries old or new and my massage was geared to my needs. At the end I was rejuvenated and rearing to go, which is a great thing for me cause I am on my feet all day. (Teaching dance & working with special needs) ”

Deborah, CEO of  Mudiwa's Creations